The launch ceremony of Jilin City National Unity and Progress Publicity Month was held in the high-tech Zone

来源:   时间: 2023-09-14 15:32
  On September 12, the launch ceremony of 2023 Jilin City National Unity and Progress Publicity Month and the National Religion Theory Policy Training meeting, sponsored by Jilin City Ethnic Affairs Commission (Jilin City Religious Affairs Bureau) and hosted by Jilin High-tech Zone Management Committee, was held in Torch Building。Zhou Xin, Director of Jilin Ethnic Affairs Committee and Director of Jilin Religious Affairs Bureau, attended the launch ceremony and delivered a speech。Wang Haibiao, deputy director of the high-tech zone Management Committee, presided over the launching ceremony。
  Zhou Xin stressed that the National Unity and Progress Publicity Month is an important carrier for widely publicizing the Party's and the state's ethnic policies and vigorously creating a pro-social atmosphere for the Chinese nation。The theme of this year's Propaganda month in our city is "In-depth study and propaganda of the Party's twenty great spirits.,Build a strong sense of community among the Chinese nation",The overall goal is "the Chinese nation as one family.,Build the Chinese Dream together",The focus of publicity includes the spirit of the Party's 20th National Congress and the spirit of the Central Ethnic Work Conference,Party and state ethnic principles and policies, laws and regulations,Advanced typical deeds of national unity and progress, outstanding achievements in the cause of national unity and progress in our city, etc。
  After the launch ceremony, Professor Zhao Jianhua, director of the Public Administration Teaching and Research Department of the Party School of the Municipal Committee, interpreted the spirit of the Central Ethnic Work Conference and the Regulations on Religious Affairs.。
  Lin Zhengyu, Deputy Director of Jilin Ethnic Affairs Commission and Deputy Director of Jilin Religious Affairs Bureau,Nearly 100 people from the leading unit of the United Front (religion) work in Gaoxin District, the person in charge of Gaoxin Street and New North Street, the religious assistant of each street, the secretary of the Party organization of the community (village), and the religious assistant attended the launch ceremony。
  Before the launch ceremony, Zhou Xin led a team to the provincial ethnic work "building foundation" project pilot community Shangdong community, municipal national unity and progress demonstration unit Zijin community on-site guidance。Zhou Xin affirmed the ethnic work in the high-tech zone。(Yang Dan, Civil Affairs Bureau)